Ruger Mark I, II, III, IV, 22/45 Barrel Threading Service


 Ruger Mark I, II, III, IV, 22/45 Barrel Threading Service
Blue or Stainless
Payment: Check or Money Order Sent with Barrel
or paypal , Credit Card below.


Price includes threading barrel, Recrown, Set back front sight, Same Diameter Thread protector with Knurl Ring.

Return shipping is additional $15.00

Threading Package is for Bull Barrel , Fluted barrel, Slab Side Barrel, and Tapered Heavy Target Models Only
Round thread protector is made for the Slab Side Model

Blue or Stainless Barrels

1/2x28 thread pitch, or what ever thread pitch you want.
Standard Thread Length is 0.400 in length.

For an additional $10.00 , Optional thread length of .476" with O-Ring relief cut is available for the Sparrow, Spectre II, and Warlock II Sound Suppressors, Includes O-Ring Installed in Thread Protector (Not an option for Fluted Hunter Model)

Other Rifle and Pistol barrels threaded upon request e-mail with questions.

barrel can be threaded with receiver attached, just send barreled receiver, with Front and Rear Sights
(No Bolt or Lower Frame)

Barrels are threaded concentric to the bore using a single point tool on a metal lathe.

No additional charge if you want your barrel Shortened and Recrowned.

Fluted barrel Models are not shortened


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