Thompson Center, NEF, H&R Barrel Threading Service


 Thompson Center, NEF, H&R Barrel Threading Service
For Muzzle Brakes
Flash Suppressors
Sound Suppressors


Payment: Check or Money Order Sent with Barrel
or paypal , Credit Card below.



Price includes Threading Barrel, Recrown,

Return Shipping is $15.00

No extra charge to shorten barrel

Same diameter Thread Protector with Knurl Ring is an additional $35.00

To Set back Front Sight is an additional $24.00

Other Rifle and Pistol barrels threaded upon request e-mail with questions.

Barrels are threaded concentric to the bore using a single point tool on a metal lathe.

Thread Pitch 1/2 x 28,5/8 x 24, 9/16 x 24,and many others





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